ClearSmile Braces

ClearSmile Braces use traditional techniques with new technology

What is ClearSmile Brace?

ClearSmile Brace uses traditional techniques with new technology to reduce orthodontic treatment times and improve the appearance of the braces.

The ClearSmile Brace wires are coated white (rather than being silver) and uses a material (Ni-Ti) with shape-memory. This shape-memory means the wire will return to its original shape regardless of how it's bent. This creates the gentle forces used to move your teeth to the desired position.

Why does ClearSmile Brace use gentle forces?

Using lower forces increases the speed and comfort of treatment. Low forces also reduce the risks of orthodontic treatment.

Getting Started:

Contact the clinic for an appointment by either calling the clinic on 0141 334 1211 or emailing and we will be able to tell you everything you need to know about Clear Smile Brace™.

In the meantime, here’s a little bit of information:

  • You will have an initial consultation where we will answer your questions and have a look at your teeth.
  • We will take impressions of your mouth, some photographs and x-rays, so that a diagnosis can be carried out. At your next appointment, we will discuss your treatment options with you.

If you’re happy to proceed, your practitioner will advise Clear Smile Brace™ to make your braces.

Find out more by emailing us at or by calling on 0141 334 1211

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