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Bite Size Payment Plans

Do you dream of achieving that perfect smile but get worried by the costs?

We understand that paying for some dental treatments can be daunting. At The Park Practice we aim to keep your costs to a minimum but some procedures involve considerable expense. So to help patients cope with the costs of more expensive dental treatments we have linked up with finance 4 patients, one of Scotland’s leading private dental finance companies.

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Finance 4 Patients provides a simple and affordable way for the total costs of dental treatment whether it be medical or cosmetic. Paid by an interest-free loan, with repayments commencing 1 month after the treatment has started. 


So if you are thinking about having a dental makeover, take a look at Finance4Patients interest-free and low cost payment plans. You can also contact The Park Practice if you would like to find out more.

Need More Information?

Read more about our finance 4 patients

Read our Dental Payment Plans Frequently Asked Questions



Need more information?

Read more about our Finance 4 Patients
Finance 4 Patients | Glasgow

Read our Dental Payment Plans  Frequently Asked Questions

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