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Simple Crowns/Bridges

If your teeth have lost a large area of natural tooth surface the dentist might give you the option of having a full coverage crown. This treatment option allows your tooth to be retained and restores the tooth to be closer to what nature intended!

Our simple crown options can be an NHS treatment choice. If required on a molar tooth this will just be a crown made from either precious or non-precious metals.

On anterior teeth and premolars we can make an NHS option from porcelain bonded to metal, so aesthetics will be better.

If you have a tooth missing and it is decided that the correct option is a dental bridge this could possibly be carried out as an NHS treatment choice. Adjacent tooth/teeth will require to be prepared to allow the bridge to use a natural tooth/teeth as an abutment and the missing tooth will be restored on the bridge. Our all ceramic aesthetic crowns/bridges are discussed in our “Private Treatment “ options. These are metal free and able to treat a greater range of dental needs.

Case Study

Patient CM (Crown)


Patient  CM had damaged a front tooth in a fall. There was not enough natural tooth surface left for long term strength and the aesthetics had been compromised .

What We Did

We carried out our simple crown procedure. An NHS bonded porcelain to metal crown was the best option to stabilise the situation and restore aesthetics .


“ I slipped on an icy pavement and damaged my tooth, I was delighted when it was suggested I could have a crown to rescue the situation, I can't thank The Park Practice enough for saving my tooth  10/10”

- Patient CM

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