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To book a Dental Health Examination appointment please call: 0141 334 1211

Healthy teeth, healthy minds, healthy bodies

The Park Practice is a UK family dentist with a difference

Our dental clinic aims to treat the whole person. At the core of our services are dental treatments designed to bring a smile to your face. Our trusted West End Glasgow dental practice provides treatments ranging from cosmetic dentistry to essential mouth maintenance. These include dental implants, ceramic  veneers and tooth whitening treatments. New patients  who wish to register are very welcome and we  provide a full range of private dental  treatments. For a complete dental makeover register with one of the most forward-thinking dental teams in Glasgow. We are committed to dental care which leaves you with a satisfied smile.


Enhanced Safety

To enhance your safety we have invested in a state of the art Dental air purifying system. Providing a clean environment for all our patients and dental team members.

We offer


  • A warm, caring  welcome from our staff.
  • A comfortable and safe environment that is accessible to all.
  • Quality Care in state of the art surgeries.
  • Air Purifiers to ensure highest air quality for all patient areas.
  • Our assurance that we only use equipment and materials sourced from reputable UK suppliers.
  • A Childsmile Programme aimed at ensuring children enjoy excellent dental health.


  • The Park Practice Plan Membership : Healthy Teeth Healthy Gums!
  • An extensive range of private treatments .  We pride ourselves on being able to help all your dental needs.  Including White Resin fillings ,  Tooth Whitening, Adult  Orthodontics (tooth alignment) and Dental Implants
  • NHS treatments for patients exempt from NHS fees
  • Comprehensive hygienist service to ensure optimum gum health.
  • Routine screening of all patients for Gum Disease and Oral Cancer.
  • A guarantee to keep you informed of the costs of any treatment we propose to do. We will routinely issue a printed estimate.


Can't make your appointment?

Please call us with least 24 hours notice to avoid cancellation fees.

Practice makes perfect!

If you're looking for the perfect smile The Park Practice is the place to go.


Our Partners


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To book a Dental Health Examination appointment please call: 0141 334 1211

Our Treatments & Services

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