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Our routine but essential treatment options will restore your dental health

Our thorough list of dental treatments will  help restore your teeth and gums to a healthy condition. Regular check -ups and appointments ensure impeccable oral hygiene and  healthy gums.

Visit our modern clinic for a consultation and we can give detail on any routine treatments that might be required to restore your dental health. We strive to restore your confidence in your teeth and allay any fears.

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Find out more about our General Dental Care treatments below.

Our Treatments

When you attend for an appointment we may require to take small x-rays (radiographs) to help diagnose if there are any issues with your teeth.

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If your teeth require attention due to areas of decay or broken surfaces we can offer  White resin filling material or Amalgam metal filling.

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At The Park Practice we are very passionate about our patients’ oral health and feel strongly that excellent gum health can contribute to good general health.

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if your teeth have lost a large area of natural tooth surface the dentist might give you the option of having a full coverage crown.

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Root canal treatment is a fairly routine dental process that is carried out to help patients retain teeth that have developed deep decay.

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Dentistry has developed new procedures over recent years that means it is far more likely a damaged tooth can be retained and doesn’t need to be extracted.

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Dental bridges help bridge the gap left by broken, damaged or removed teeth. They are a cost-effective solution to replacing missing teeth. Find out more about dental birdges in Glasgow here.

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