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Root canal treatment is a fairly routine dental process that is carried out to help patients retain teeth that have developed deep decay. If the tooth decay has gotten to the stage where it involves the middle of the tooth where the pulp and nerve are situated, it’s essential that root canal treatment be carried out to save the tooth from extraction.  

Root canal treatment is also an option for teeth that have been badly injured or damaged, and can help you keep your natural tooth without the need for an artificial replacement.  

How do you know if you need root canal treatment? 

The main reason for getting root canal treatment is to prevent infection from spreading from your tooth down into your gum, which will then cause a painful abscess to arise. If this does happen, your tooth, gum and the area around the infected tooth will become incredibly sensitive and swollen, and you will likely need to have the tooth removed.  

However, if caught early, your dentist can prevent this from happening through root canal treatment.  

If your dentist notices that the inner part of your tooth, which is known as the pulp, has become damaged due to an injury, an accident or through tooth decay, they will recommend root canal treatment to prevent the infection from spreading into the gums. 

Therefore, if you feel any heightened sensitivity or pain in your tooth or teeth whilst eating, drinking or talking, we highly recommend visiting your Glasgow dentists ASAP so that the problem can be dealt with quickly and effectively before it becomes more serious.  

Root canal treatment can be a lifeline in saving your tooth from extraction, and also saving you from severe pain and discomfort. However, it’s important it’s caught early before the infection spreads. Regular checkups and hygiene appointments are some of the best ways to ensure your teeth are in good condition all year round.



How does the root canal procedure work? 

Root canal treatment is a delicate process. The technique has been developed by dental professionals to retain as much as the tooth as possible that otherwise would be extracted due to the extent of the decay or damage that is present.  

Due to the name of the treatment, there is a common misconception that the actual “root” of the tooth is removed during root canal treatment, however, this is not the case. What actually happens is the canal or canals inside the tooth are thoroughly “sterilised” and all debris is removed. The canal of the tooth is then filled with a rubber-based material called Gutta Percha and a sealant so that it looks, feels and acts as normal 

The root treated teeth are either then restored with a filling material or, if more coverage is required, then a crown will be prepared and placed over the core for extra protection.  

Now the harmful decay has been removed from the tooth and the proper measures have been taken to restore the tooth back to a sufficient level of strength so that the patient can eat, chew, drink and smile as normal. The addition of a filling or crown also ensures the tooth looks completely natural in the patient’s mouth.  


Root canal treatment cost 

The cost of root canal treatment depends on the exact tooth that needs work. At The Park Practice in Glasgow, we pride ourselves on offering competitive rates for all general dental care and cosmetic dental treatments.  

We also provide helpful financial plans so that you can spread the cost of your treatment across several months.  

Root canal treatment costs at our practice in Glasgow are: 

  • Incisors - £200  
  • Premolars - £230 
  • Molars - £325



Root canal treatment at The Park Practice in Glasgow 

If you feel like you are in need of root canal treatment it’s important to get in touch with your Glasgow dentist as soon as possible, otherwise you could risk losing your tooth.  

If you are unsure about weather root canal treatment is needed, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0141 334 1211 to discuss your issue. We can book you in for a regular check-up and see whether the treatment is necessary or not.  

Remember, having root canal treatment early can be the difference between keeping your natural tooth or having your tooth extracted and then replaced. It can also save you a lot of hassle, discomfort and pain.  

Contact The Park Practice today to enquire further about root canal treatment in Glasgow.  

Case Study

Patient SY (Root Canal)


Patient SY was in severe pain with one of his molar  teeth for several weeks and was unsure about  seeking help from his local practice due to convincing himself he would have to have the tooth extracted. .

What We Did

We are very focused on helping anxious patients with specific dental needs. The option was given to retain the tooth by carrying out a Root Canal Treatment , we explained the benefits of this approach and carried out the procedure with no discomfort for the patient. SY has been able to retain an important tooth as a result


“It took a lot to get me to a dentist after years of ignoring problems with my teeth but once I persuaded  myself to get it sorted the team at Park Practice were very reassuring. I had a root canal treatment and, can't believe how straight forward it seemed after my concern !  The dentist and nurse have made me realise they are there to help my dental needs and I'm now a regular patient.”

- Patient SY

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