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The Park Practice Poster for oral health in sports - Sports Dentistry in ScotlandWhether it’s acute trauma of the tooth or teeth, periodontal disease, custom-built mouthguards or cosmetic surgery, particular dental issues are common in sportspeople. Sports dentistry is one of the most significant up and coming fields in our industry.

The Park Practice is proud to actively promote good oral health with our programmes explicitly catered to Scotland’s elite athletes. We specialise in improving dental health and addressing the issues that specifically affect athletes.

With experience in Sports Dentistry for over twenty years, you won’t find a dental practice more qualified to help you and cater to your needs.

What is Sports Dentistry?

After a 2012 report highlighted the trend of poor oral health in sport, professionals within the industry called for more thorough and comprehensive dental treatment amongst athletes. Some of the issues that were emphasised included:

  • Injuries incurred during sporting events
  • The importance of prevention strategies (for example, fighting tooth decay) to avoid a dental emergency 
  • Gum disease, which could lead to other bodily health problems
  • The need for custom mouthguards.

The main focus of Sports Dentistry is the prevention and management of sports-related orofacial injuries and associated diseases. The sports dentist supports athletes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating oral disease and injuries.

Education is also an essential factor. We endeavour to inform athletes, coaches and parents about the importance of preventing oral health and performance problems and trauma.

Why The Park Practice?

A former rugby player with GHK and Glasgow Hawks, Mike Blackie started The Park Practice Dental Clinic in 1999. Our dental practice has a holistic approach to its patients and has always had a high proportion of patients with sporting backgrounds.

Over the years, the team at The Park Practice has treated various trauma injuries in professional rugby players and have passionately encouraged rugby and hockey players, especially to wear correctly fitted sports mouthguards.

Mike also has a good understanding of the needs of teams participating in multi-sport Games, having worked as part of the medical team for the London 2012 Olympic Games supporting combat sports and was also involved at Glasgow 2014 with Rugby Sevens.

Through his work, Mike has developed a passionate interest in the oral health impact on performance in professional sport.

Rugby Dental Care

Our extensive experience in this field has resulted in The Park Practice becoming Official Partners with Glasgow Warriors professional rugby team and a link-up with Glasgow Rocks professional basketball team. 

“My role has developed to include oral health assessments, education on the potential impact of sugar levels on performance and increasing the understanding of the impact of trauma injuries. Whilst we are still some way off from persuading all athletes in contact or combat sports to wear proper dentally fitted sports mouth guards, thankfully awareness of the benefits is increasing."

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Each and every year, many athletes (adults and children) are treated for dental injuries that could have been avoided, prevented or minimised by simply wearing a mouthguard.

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Sports Team Partnerships have developed from our work on Oral Health impact on Elite Athletes

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