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Dental crowns are an excellent restorative dental solution to improving the look, shape, size and strength of a damaged tooth or teeth.

Dental crowns are caps that are securely placed on top of damaged or misshapen teeth. They can be made from metals, resin, ceramics or porcelain, depending on the position of the tooth and the type of treatment you opt for. (NHS & Private) 

Once placed a dental crown (or cap) will fully cover the existing tooth and will look and feel natural. Dental crown treatment allows your natural tooth to be retained and restores the damaged tooth in terms of strength, shape and aesthetic appearance.  

If you’re looking for a quick, affordable option for fixing damaged or unhealthy-looking teeth, dental crowns are the perfect solution for you. 


Reasons for getting a dental crown 

There are a few reasons why patients opt for dental crowns. These include: 

  • Restoring the strength and appearance of a broken or badly worn tooth 
  • Covering a misshapen or discoloured tooth 
  • Giving extra protection to a weak or decaying tooth to prevent it from breaking 
  • Supporting a tooth that has a large filling  
  • Covering dental implants  
  • Holding a dental bridge in place  
  • Covering and protecting a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment  

For some procedures, such as dental implant surgery or holding a dental bridge in place, a dental crown will be strongly recommended by your dentist. In other cases, such as when restoring strength or fixing a damaged tooth, both the patient and the dentist will decide together on the best treatment option based on your circumstance.  

If you feel that you would benefit from having a dental crown placed, get in touch with our Glasgow dental practice today on 0141 334 1211. 

Dental crown surgery in Glasgow


How much do dental crowns cost? 

Dental crowns can be made with a variety of materials, all of which cost varying amounts.  

Here at The Park Practice in Glasgow, dental crowns are offered as an NHS treatment choice for both front and back teeth. If you choose simple dental crowns on a molar tooth, this will be a crown made from either precious or non-precious metals. 

On anterior teeth and premolars, we can make an NHS option from porcelain bonded to metal, so aesthetics will be better. Our porcelain bonded to metal crowns are priced at £215 per crown.  

Please note that NHS treatments will be scheduled according to the availability and capacity of the practice.

We can also offer high-quality ceramic crowns which look more aesthetically pleasing and are less noticeable in the mouth. Our Emax ceramic crown is priced at £430. You can view a full price break of all our dental treatments to give you a better idea of what you will pay for dental crown treatment.  

We also have helpful finance options for our patients to make the cost of their treatment more manageable.  

Contact us today for dental crowns in Glasgow 

If you have a damaged, broken, discoloured or misshapen tooth and are feeling the physical and metal effects of this bourdon, a durable dental crown from The Park Practice could be the solution that you’ve been searching for.  

Dental crowns can restore the look and strength of your teeth and give you new-found confidence that will have you grinning from ear to ear. With both NHS and private dental crown options available from our modern practice in Glasgow, the team at The Park Practice are ready and willing to help you with your dental situation.  

Contact us today to restore your smile with high-quality dental crowns in Glasgow.  

Case Study

Patient CM (Crown)


Patient  CM had damaged a front tooth in a fall. There was not enough natural tooth surface left for long term strength and the aesthetics had been compromised .

What We Did

We carried out our simple crown procedure. An NHS bonded porcelain to metal crown was the best option to stabilise the situation and restore aesthetics .


“ I slipped on an icy pavement and damaged my tooth, I was delighted when it was suggested I could have a crown to rescue the situation, I can't thank The Park Practice enough for saving my tooth  10/10”

- Patient CM

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