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Clear Aligner Braces

Affordable and invisible alternative to fixed braces

Many adults throughout the UK are unhappy with their teeth. Can you relate? Perhaps you’ve always suffered from misaligned or spaced teeth, or perhaps you had traditional braces as a teen but your teeth have slowly become squint once again.  

Invisible clear braces from Clear Aligner™ offers adults a quick and discreet method of straightening their smile without the hassle and discomfort of traditional metal braces.  

clear aligners held up by a single arm


What are clear braces? 

Clear braces are transparent retainers that are shaped to your mouth. The clear braces are fully removable, allowing clients to keep eating, drinking and brushing habits as normal. The main goal of clear braces is the same as traditional braces; to straighten your teeth into a beautiful, straight smile. 

Clear Aligner™ offers some of the best clear braces on the dental market today. The Park Practice in Glasgow is proud to offer Clear Aligner braces as an affordable alternative to conventional braces. With the majority of treatment being done at home, Clear Aligner braces give our adult patients a quick and convenient solution to achieving perfectly straight teeth in as little as 5-9 months. 

The clear braces use transparent, conceptual technology which allows you to fulfil your dreams of a perfect smile, without the embarrassment and pain that can be caused by metal wires and brackets from traditional fixed braces.  

For the best clear braces Glasgow has to offer, contact The Park Practice today. 

women with beautiful new smile after clear aligner treatment


Benefits of Clear Aligner braces 

You might be wondering what the pros and cons of clear braces are. Choosing to have Clear Aligner braces is a big decision, and it’s important to evaluate both sides of the coin, as well as what you want from the treatment.  

The main benefits of clear braces are: 

  • Straightens teeth quickly and efficiently  

  • Invisible clear braces are virtually undetectable in the mouth 

  • Convenient at-home treatment  

  • Comfortable and removable 

  • Far more convenient for adults compared to traditional fixed metal braces 

Some drawbacks to look out for when evaluating whether you should opt for Clear Aligner braces or not are: 

  • Because clear braces are removable the patient has the responsibility of wear time 

  • Need to be removed before eating and drinking   

  • Need to be washed before being replaced in the mouth  

These cons are very minor, but for some people, they can be important.

If you do not properly commit to wearing your clear braces for the recommended time per day, you will fail to see the full results.  


What do Clear Aligner™ braces do? 

Clear Aligner™ clear braces are excellent at straightening out overlapping, crooked or gappy teeth. This efficient approach allows Clear Aligner™ braces to cater to your specific orthodontic needs. 

Clear Aligner™ braces are designed to have minimal impact on your daily life and speech. This is why Clear Aligner™ have designed the majority of their braces to be ‘invisible’ at the front of the mouth, as well as removable. Not only can you go about your day as normal with your clear braces intact, but you can (and should) fully remove the clear braces whilst eating or drinking.  

By following the recommended treatment plan your Park Practice dentist will lay out for you, clear braces from Clear Aligner will leave you with straight teeth in next to no time.  

Contact The Park Practice on 0141 334 1211 for the best clear braces Glasgow. 

before and after clear aligner treatment

before clear aligner treatmentafter clear aligner treatment

Before & After examples for the Clear Aligner Treatment


Clear braces at home 

After your initial consultancy, impressions and fitting from The Park Practice dental clinic in Glasgow, almost all of your Clear Aligner treatment will be done at home.  

You will be provided with a set of clear braces that will work to slowly and accurately straighten your teeth into a beautiful straight smile. As your teeth slowly move into place, you will move on to the next clear brace until the treatment is finished. The number of clear braces you go through will depend on your chosen treatment plan and the current state of your mouth and jaw.  

Other than the odd check-in to make sure treatment is running smoothly and you’re fully up-to-date with your set of aligners, treatment will be in your hands.

Clear Aligner braces give power back to the patient and allow for an easy and convenient treatment that leaves patients with the smile they have always dreamed of. 

cost of clear aligners


Cost of clear braces 

At this point you’re probably thinking that Clear Aligner braces treatment sounds great, but how much do clear braces cost? 

It’s important to note that the cost of clear braces can vary depending on the amount of aligners you opt for. Your dentist can recommend the number of aligners you will need based on the current position of your teeth.  

The length of treatment is another factor that can play a part in the cost of clear braces.  

On average, The Park Practice offers the following for the cost of clear braces

  • Single Arch = From £1500 

  • Both Arches = From £2500 


women receiving close up dental treatment


Getting started with Clear Aligner braces 

Contact our Glasgow dental clinic for an appointment and we will be able to tell you everything you need to know about Clear Aligner™ braces.  

In the meantime, here’s some information on The Park Practice’s clear braces private treatment plan

  • You will have an initial consultation where we will answer your questions on clear braces and have a look at your teeth. 

  • We will take impressions of your mouth, some photographs and x-rays, so that a diagnosis can be carried out. 

  • At your next appointment, we will discuss your treatment options with you. If you’re happy to proceed, your practitioner will advise Clear Aligner™ to make your ‘invisible’ clear braces that will be bespoke to your mouth.  

  • Treatment is supplied in stages. The multiple sets of clear braces are designed to gently align your teeth in incremental stages. This means you will need to come back and see us every once in a while, for a check-up and a new impression so you can continue with your Clear Aligner braces treatment plan. 


Get in contact for clear braces Glasgow  

The Park Practice offers a robust and effective treatment plan for straightening teeth with Clear Aligner braces.  

For the very best in clear braces in Glasgow, contact our dental practice today.


Case Study

Patient AD (Clear Aligner)


Patient AD was looking to straighten his smile without getting conventional metal braces.


What We Did

We created a Digital Plan by using  photographs and models of the patients teeth . The patient was happy to proceed with the treatment proposed.   A 3D-scan was used to construct an initial set of upper and lower aligners which started to move the teeth to the desired position. A subsequent scan confirmed the movements were progressing well and the next stage of aligners were made . The treatment lasted about 10 months  and resulted in upper and lower teeth being positioned in a natural alignment, creating the desired smile. 


"The Park Practice is excellent and I would highly recommend them to anyone. The receptionists are lovely and welcoming, and Mr Blackie is a fantastic dentist. I was looking to straighten my smile without getting conventional metal braces and thankfully The Park Practice suggested the Clear Aligner treatment to me. Throughout the process the service and quality of work were excellent. The results were exactly what I was hoping for and I can't thank Mike and the team enough!"

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