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Dental Implants are now the number one choice for replacing missing or failing teeth. Implants can be used to replace single, multiple or, in some cases, all teeth.  

Dental implants are the perfect cosmetic dentistry option for providing a natural-looking replacement tooth, which is durable, long-lasting and safe.



Dental Implants in Glasgow 

Are you searching for first-class dental implants Glasgow? 

The Park Practice dental clinic in Glasgow has been restoring implants for over ten years, giving our patients strong, healthy replacement teeth which help them regain confidence in their smile.

Some of the main benefits of dental implant treatment are: 

  • Restores confidence  
  • Improves oral health 
  • Improves the aesthetic appearance of your smile 
  • Stronger bite 
  • Improved comfort in the mouth  
  • Long-lasting and durable  

If you suffer from broken, damaged or missing teeth, dental implant surgery might be the right treatment option for you.  

Contact our dental implant team to book an initial consultation with one of our expert dentists.

We’ll provide you with all the information you need and help you take the first steps in restoring your smile with quality dental implants in Glasgow.  


implant treatment at the park practice


What are dental implants?

Dental implants consist of two main parts: 

  1. The titanium post 
  2. The fitted dental cap, crown or bridge 

The procedure works by having the small titanium posts secured directly into the patient’s jawbone where teeth are missing or lost. This is a serious operation and requires a proper assessment of the jawbone before going ahead. 

If the jawbone is healthy, the titanium post will then be put in place. The implant will gradually fuse directly with the jawbone, providing a very secure foundation for the crown or cap to be fitted to.  

The fitting of the artificial tooth to the post is the next stage of the process and will only happen after your mouth has fully healed from the initial implant insertion.  

Your aesthetic tooth in the form of a crown, bridge or denture will be properly fitted to the post and will be coloured to match the natural shade of your teeth.  

After the surgery is complete, you’ll be left with a natural-looking replacement tooth (or teeth) which will be firmly secured in your mouth due to the titanium post acting as a “tooth root”. Your bite will feel strong, and you should not notice any significant difference between your dental implants and the rest of your natural teeth.   

Visit Implants For Life for additional information on the implant systems we use at The Park Practice Glasgow.  


dental implant surgery before and after


Who is suitable for dental implants? 

There are many different situations where dental implants are suitable and recommended.  

As a qualified sports dentistry practice, we often provide implants to athletes who have lost teeth during matches or training. However, dental trauma can occur in many different ways. 

Some of the most common reasons for undergoing dental implant treatment are: 

  • Lost or missing teeth 
  • Broken teeth 
  • Teeth have been removed due to poor placement or deterioration  
  • Teeth damaged due to severe dental trauma  
  • Complex dental situations were all teeth in upper or lower arch have been lost  

Sometimes, a weak jaw bone or particularly poor gum health can impact the suitability of dental implant surgery.  

Each case of dental implants at The Park Practice in Glasgow is assessed individually. We will never carry through with a procedure if it is found to be unsafe or unsuitable in any way.  


The cost of dental implants 

Dental implant surgery has been a life-changing operation for many Prak Practice patients in Glasgow. Living with missing or badly damaged teeth can severely impact confidence, mental health and oral health.  

Although the cost of dental implants is not cheap, you are investing in yourself and your long-term physical health. We always advise all our patients to think the decision over, but we can confidently say that dental implant surgery will be money well spent.  

The average cost of a single dental implant at The Park Practice Glasgow is £2,100. However, this can change based on the position of the implant and the amount of pre-treatment work required.  

After an initial consultation and assessment, our dentists will be able to provide a more accurate cost for each patient’s individual situation. 


cost of dental implants coins dropping


The process of dental implants  

The Park Practice is lucky to have multiple talented dentists to choose from when undergoing dental implant treatment in Glasgow.  

To help our patients understand the procedure more, we have broken down the steps The Park Practice takes for dental implant surgery. 

  • Initial stage  

A friendly consultation to discuss your wants and answer any questions you may have about dental implant surgery. We’ll also perform an assessment of your eligibility.  

  • The operation  

The first and most significant surgery involves the titanium implant being secured into the mouth. You will need a local anaesthetic for this operation    

  • The healing period

Expect a three-month healing period before your replacement tooth can be fitted. Our dentist will provide detailed aftercare instructions and a proposed date for the final fitting.

  • Crown fitted to implant  

The restoration phase is a simple procedure that involves the replacement tooth being fitted to the fully-healed implant, which will now be fused with your bone. This is the final step and will leave you with a stunning, strong replacement tooth.  


dental implant x-ray


What happens after dental implant surgery?  

Once you have your beautiful new teeth, it’s essential to properly maintain them. 

Our implant dentists in Glasgow will provide tips on how to thoroughly clean around the implant, ensuring no plaque or harmful bacteria builds up around the implant area. 

To keep your dental implants healthy, we recommend: 

  • Practicing good oral hygiene  
  • Brushing twice daily  
  • Floss daily  
  • Book in for regular check-ups  
  • Contact your dentist if any pain, loosening or other issues arise in regard to your dental implant.  

Remember that dental implant surgery is an investment in yourself, so it is essential to make the most of this investment after the surgery has been done.  

Our dental team will always be on hand to support our patients, but maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine is critical for the continued, long-lasting health of your dental implant.



Get in touch  

If you would like more information on the dental implant treatment offered at The Park Practice Glasgow, please contact our office directly on 0141 334 1211.  

You can also email our dental clinic, or leave an enquiry via our attached contact form.  

Case Study

Patient BM (Implants)


Patient had struggled chewing for years due to having several  teeth missing. He  didn't realise how life-changing  restoring these areas with implants could be. The spaces in the upper left had also resulted in becoming more self-conscious when smiling . 


What We Did

Treatment was carefully planned and the missing teeth had implants placed over a period of time, not all at once. 

Individual implants took  3-4 months to integrate with the surrounding bone. These were then ready to have crowns or bridges placed to restore function and improve chewing and balsance to the bite. We also restored the aesthetics and gave the patient the smile he was looking for. 


"I had spent a few years with my mouth causing me problems and had lost a few teeth. My confidence was low but a friend recommended me to The Park Practice and I can't thank the team enough for how they have restored my teeth and allowed me to smile in photos again! I was very nervous before about dental treatment but having had several implants placed , nerves are now a thing of the past! "

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