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No one wants to deal with tooth fillings, but unfortunately many of us encounter these problems throughout our lives. To help patients who suffer from mouth pain, The Park Practice provides a high quality teeth filling service in Glasgow.

If your teeth require attention due to areas of decay or broken surfaces, our expert dentists can help solve the issue with quality teeth fillings. We can use white resin or amalgam metal filling materials to restore your damaged tooth and give you back the strength needed for a healthy, long-lasting smile.

Contact our modern practice in Glasgow on 0141 334 1211 to book your tooth filling appointment.

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What type of fillings are used at The Park Practice?

The Park Practice offers a range of high quality dental filling materials to give our patients a variety of options.

For fillings on the biting surfaces of premolars and molars, we use amalgam filling material. Front teeth or broken edges of back teeth can be restored with a simple composite filling material, giving a more natural appearance.

If you prefer to have resin white fillings for premolars/molars please see our information under “Private Treatment “options. 

Amalgam fillings are used for our general NHS dental care service. If you prefer to have resin white fillings for premolars or molars, please find out more via our private dental care white fillings page.


What are the signs that you require tooth fillings?

Tooth decay can happen without us knowing. Without taking proper care of our teeth and gums, bacteria can grow in our mouths and quickly harm our enamel and eat into our teeth.

Even if you brush regularly but indulge in too many sugary foods or drinks, you could find yourself with severe tooth pain and in need of dental filler. Tooth fillings can happen at any age, from young children to older adults.

If you are experiencing any of the below signs, you should contact your dentist to arrange a dental check-up:

  • Consistent toothache

  • Pain when eating, chewing or biting

  • Sudden sensitivity to hot or cold food and drinks

  • The appearance of a cavity or hole in your tooth


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Common reasons for having tooth fillings

Tooth fillings all come down to our teeth becoming damaged, decayed and eroded. Fillings stem from poor oral hygiene and an unhealthy or overly sugary diet, but there are other, unavoidable issues that can also lead to fillings.

The most common reasons for needing a tooth filling include:

  • Decayed teeth. Tooth decay is the number one reason for patient's receiving tooth fillings. Tooth decay is caused by plaque dissolving into the enamel of our teeth, which slowly causes small holes which, if left untreated, can lead to large cavities.

  • Broken or chipped teeth. Teeth can easily chip or break during sports, as a result of an unfortunate injury or even when biting into something particularly hard or tough. Leaving a chipped or broken tooth unattended can lead to serious tooth erosion over time.

  • Acid erosion. Particularly acidic foods can wear away our tooth enamel over time, resulting in tooth erosion and the need for fillings.

  • Tooth wear and abrasion. Our teeth can get worn over time, usually from grinding or overly aggressive brushing. These bad habits cause abrasion and can form holes and cavities in our teeth that will need to be filled in by dental filler to stop further tooth decay.


How much do teeth fillings cost in Glasgow?

Tooth fillings are a necessary treatment for many patients, including children, teens and adults. For this reason, teeth fillings in Glasgow are a very affordable dental option. F

Metal amalgam fillings at The Park Practice are priced at £40.

If you are interested in white fillings, these are priced slightly higher at the cost of £80 for molars and premolars.

You can find a convenient price breakdown of all our dental treatments on our site.

The Park Practice is also happy to offer a rolling monthly membership dental plan that ensures your teeth and gums stay in excellent condition throughout the year. Please contact us today if you would like to find out more.


Contact us today for quality teeth fillings in Glasgow

If you are in need of quality tooth fillings in Glasgow, The Park Practice is here to help.

We offer excellent metal amalgam fillings, composite fillings and white resin fillings at our modern dental practice, depending on the patients needs and requirements.

Get in touch with our friendly dental team today and book yourself in for a tooth filling appointment.

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