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The Park Practice has been providing quality private dental treatment to patients in Glasgow for over 20 years, and we do not plan on stopping anytime soon. The Park Practice dental team offer a wealth of experience, always placing the patient at the heart of everything we do at our modern private dental clinic in Glasgow’s West End.  

By using state of the art equipment, combined with a dedicated and highly-skilled dental team, The Park Practice proudly offers a range of private dental treatments, including: 


quality private dental care in Glasgow


Private dental plans  

Private dental plans are the best way to ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy and in good shape.  

With free regular check-ups, examinations and hygiene appointments included in your Park Practice membership plan, our skilled dental team will be best equipped to spot any problem before it becomes serious.  

Private dental plans provide patients with: 

  • Dental examinations to catch developing problems early 
  • Free x-rays for in-depth examinations  
  • Professional removal of harmful plaque  
  • Expert advice on improving oral health 
  • Prevention of tooth decay and gum disease  
  • Discount on private cosmetic treatments  
  • A fresher mouth and a brighter smile  

Please contact our private clinic in Glasgow on 0141 334 1211 to register. 


private dental treatment in Glasgow


Private dental prices in Glasgow 

Dental prices can be somewhat confusing with the mix between private dental practices and NHS dental clinics. estimates that across the UK, 75% of dental practices are mixed practices, offering both private dental care and NHS treatment.  

The reality is that even if you are registered at an NHS practice, cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening, teeth straightening or even white fillings will still cost you money.  

By registering with a private dental clinic and paying a low monthly fee, these private treatment options become more easily accessible and, in some cases, cheaper.  

The Park Practice gives members 15% off cosmetic dentistry treatments, resulting in a significant discount when paying for high-end private dental treatments such as veneers or implants.  

For monthly private dental care at The Park Practice, you can expect to pay: 

Level 1 private dental plan = £18 per month 

Level 2 private dental plan = £25.50 

To see a full breakdown of all our private dental treatment options, check out our private dental price guide.


private dental option leaflets offered at The Park Practice


Private dental treatment with The Park Practice 

Our thorough list of bespoke private dental treatments helps give patients the smiles they have always dreamed of. Through regular check-ups, in-depth examinations and robust hygiene appointments, The Park Practice ensure impeccable oral hygiene and healthy gums for all our private dental patients. 

Searching for a private dentist in Glasgow? Why not visit The Park Practice’s modern clinic for an initial consultation. 

Our friendly private dental team will happily supply you with full details on the bespoke dental treatments we offer and give you the best advice possible to help restore your dental health and keep you smiling for years to come.  

Contact our private clinic today to book your first-class dental treatment.  

Our Treatments

The Park Practice offers the latest and safest tooth whitening techniques.

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As dental treatments have evolved, options for fillings have increased. One of the most exciting developments has been in the quality of white resin fillings. Find out everything you need to know about white resin fillings from The Park Practice.

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Bring a wonderful new smile to your face with some of the best cosmetic veneers available in Glasgow.

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We provide treatments that straighten teeth and correct bite problems.

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Dentures (also known as false teeth ) are prosthetic devices constructed to replace missing teeth and are supported by the surrounding soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity.

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