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Dental crowns from The Park Practice Dental Practice Glasgow West End

Let The Park Practice restore your crowning glory with the most durable dental crowns in Glasgow. Ceramic crowns or caps are designed to cover broken or damaged teeth with a protective and aesthetic finish. Our ceramic crowns will strengthen your teeth and help restore your perfect smile.

The Park Practice works in conjunction with several dental technicians, including the Opal Lab, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of crowns, to give you a confident and long-lasting smile to be proud of. Our all-ceramic crowns offer patients a modern metal-free alternative. They also have all the strength of a bonded crown and the appearance of a porcelain crown. Ceramic crowns are suitable for use in all areas of your mouth.

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Step-by-step dental crowns

Step 1

We will prepare your tooth to the ideal shape for the crown. This will involve removing most of the outer surface, and leaving a strong inner core. The amount of the tooth removed will be the same as the thickness of the crown.

Step 2

Once the tooth is shaped, we will take an impression (a mould) of the prepared tooth, one of the opposite jaw and possibly another to mark the way you bite together. We will also make you a temporary crown so that you can use the tooth while you wait for the crown to be made. This crown may be more noticeable but is only a temporary measure.

Step 3

The impression will then be given to our dental technician partners, along with an appropriate shade and other information needed for the crown to be made.

Step 4

Your next appointment will be to try out your new crown. If you are happy with the fit and appearance of the new crown it will be fixed in place with special dental cement or adhesive. The cement forms a seal to hold the crown in place.

Step 5

It is vitally important to look after your new dental crown. The crown itself cannot decay, but decay can start where the edge of the crown joins the tooth. Therefore, it is important to keep this area just as clean as you would your natural teeth in order to prevent decay affecting the crown.


Need More Information?

Read our Dental Crown Frequently Asked Questions

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Email us enquiries@parkpracticehealth.co.uk          Call us 0141 334 1211

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