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Healthy Teeth for Kids

Give your children’s teeth the best dental care with regular check-ups

As soon as your children’s teeth begin to grow you need to make sure that they receive the best dental care. A healthy diet with few sugary drinks and snacks will help give them a dazzling smile in later life. Regular check ups from the age of 2 ensures that any problems are identified quickly. It is also recommended that you brush their teeth twice a day or ideally after every meal. Ask our dentists for more information when you make your child’s appointment.

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Top tips for kids’ dental care

1. clean your baby's teeth twice a day as soon as they appear
2. ask your dentist, doctor or health visitor to check your child’s teeth during visits
3. use a small pea-sized amount of fluoridated toothpaste once your child's first teeth appear
4. begin visiting The Park Practice at 2 years old
5. avoid giving your children sugary drinks. Do not give your child juice to drink until they are at least 6 months old
6. try not to let your older infants and toddlers go to bed with a bottle/cup of milk or give them juice in the middle of the night
7. encourage your kids to eat a healthy diet and avoid sugary snacks

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