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Cosmetic Dentures FAQs for The Park Practice Glasgow West End

Q.How long do dentures last?

Dentures typically last from 5 to 10 years. This is because your mouth and gums will continue to change shape for the rest of your life. Because dentures are artificial, they will not change with the shape of your mouth and will need to be replaced or adjusted. Make sure to visit us at least once a year so that we can check for any major problems with your dentures.

Q.How much do dentures cost?

Advances in denture technology mean that dentures are more comfortable and natural looking. At the Park Practice we can give you complete cosmetic dentures from £450 or traditional cobalt chrome dentures from £400.    

Q.Will dentures make me look different?

A. Dentures will almost certainly help to improve the way you look and feel. If your teeth have decayed badly or you have lost teeth then your face will look a little different with dentures. But each set of dentures is tailor-made to make sure that they fit your mouth correctly.

Q.Will dentures affect the way I eat?

A. You may have a little difficulty at first, but all you need to do is re-adjust. Because your natural teeth are rooted deep in your mouth, you eat by biting and tearing food. With dentures, you will learn how to bite into the food, and not pull your head away until it is already in your mouth. This is a small adjustment, but it may take some practice.

Q.How do I clean my dentures?

A. Like teeth, dentures should be brushed after every meal or at the very least each morning and evening. Take the dentures out and hold with your thumb and forefinger. Make sure wherever you're cleaning them, it's never over a hard surface so that they won’t break if you drop them. Get a good denture brush and denture cleaner, and brush thoroughly, as you would if the teeth were in your mouth.

How long dentures last, how much they cost, what they’re like to wear

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