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Orthodontics FAQs for The Park Practice Glasgow West End Kelvingrove

Q.Can adults wear braces?

A. Of course! It is not just teenagers who benefit from braces.  Patients from eighteen to eighty wear braces.

Q.How long will it take?

A. Simple cases may be completed in a few months, the average case may take 18-24 months. Some complex cases may take three years or more, especially if jaw surgery is involved.

Q.Will I need to have teeth extracted?

A. Not necessarily. Much depends on the sort of problem which needs correcting and a decision can only be reached on the basis of a detailed case assessment. Expert advice is essential.

Q.Is it painful?

A. A degree of discomfort is likely to begin with. You can expect some aching and tenderness in the gums as the teeth start to move, but this mostly wears off after a few days.

Q.I don't want to wear the metal braces. What are the alternatives?

A. Ceramic brackets are relatively inconspicuous. Lingual braces are placed out of sight on the inner surface of the teeth.  Aligners are clear plastic splints which fit over the teeth and progressively move them to the desired position.

Q.Will I need retainers?

A. Most probably yes. This is an essential part of the treatment, holding your teeth in position after they have been straightened.

Q.Can you straighten teeth without wearing braces?

A. No, but orthodontics can be a lengthy process. Some patients prefer to have crowns or veneers fitted to their teeth instead in order to mask the irregularity. Whether this is feasible in any particular case depends on professional advice.

Q.Can adults be treated on the NHS?

A. In principle adult orthodontic treatment can be provided under the terms of the NHS provided that the need for treatment is good enough. We can give you advice if you would like to apply for NHS funded treatment.

Q.How much will it cost??

A. There is no "going rate" for private orthodontic treatment. Costs typically range from £2,000 to £4,000.

Q.When should children begin orthodontic treatment?

A. Most children begin treatment around the age of 12 or 13, once all their permanent teeth have ‘erupted’. In a few instances it is better to start treatment early and we will advise you if we want to make an earlier referral.

Q.Do children have to pay for orthodontic treatments?

A. Within the NHS, orthodontic care for children under 18 can be provided free if the need for treatment is great enough. Private treatment offers a wider choice of braces, including clear brackets or invisible braces, and more convenient appointment times.

Q.How often will I have appointments?

A. You will usually need to have appointments every four to six weeks. It is not advisable to start treatment if you know you will not be able to keep regular appointments.

Q.Should I have check-ups with Park Practice during orthodontic treatment?

A. Yes definitely; the orthodontist only looks after your braces. Your teeth are actually at greater risk during orthodontic treatment and it is particularly important that you keep up regular contact with us during your treatment.

It is not just teenagers who benefit from braces, anyone can benefit

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