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Glasgow Rocks partner with The Park Practice Dental Clinic

Glasgow Rocks partner with The Park Practice Dental Clinic

The Radisson Red Glasgow Rocks are pleased to partner with The Park Dental Practice for the 2018/19 season. The Park Practice is based in Glasgow’s West End and offers UK family dentist offering a range of treatments and therapies.

The Park Practice already have a number of clients in Scottish elite sport including Rugby players and members of Team Scotland. As part of their partnership with the Glasgow Rocks, they will supply the team with dental fitted mouthguards used at the highest level of sport.

The Park Practice Owner Michael Blackie said;
“At The Park Practice Dental Clinic, we are excited about teaming up with such a forwarding thinking organisation as the Glasgow Rocks to provide a dental health service for the players, as part of their overall well-being  and constructing dental fitted mouthguards to provide protection during this high-paced intense sport.”

Rocks Owner Duncan Smillie;
“A partnership like this demonstrates the progress we are making as an organisation. We want our players looked after, as young men and as athletes. Good Oral health is crucial to everyone but it is often underestimated the impact it can have on the bodies of athletes. To partner with the guys at the Park Practice is great news for the Rocks. These guys are involved in so many sports from rugby to the Olympics. With these professionals on the sidelines, we’re in safe hands.”

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